TBT90 Reviews & Snippets From Our Tribe

Nothing speaks for TBT90 better than success stories from our tribe. We have received hundreds of raving reviews and have indexed just a few of them in this section for you. Take a moment to browse through their experiences below.

These snippets and reviews have been taken along the journeys of various tribe members. NONE were asked to make ANY of these comments. We simply took the snippets and they knew nothing about it. We then asked them for their permission to place them on our website. ALL were more than happy for them to be here.

Why do we have side by side pictures when there's so much 'photoshopping' going on out there? These people did it themselves, there are hundreds of apps out there that can do this for them. Our tribe send in photos weekly as part of the 'accountability' section of our program. They have the pictures, they want to compare, for themselves, their own interest. Some have sent pictures in to us because they are proud. Feel free to contact us to engage with any of our tribe, everything on here is 100% genuine!

Love Letters From The TBT90 Tribe

TBT is a unique program, an overhaul of your nutritional ideas and perceptions of what is healthy. It cleans you from the inside out, and turns you into a leaner version of yourself. This is not just a 12 week plan, this is a lifestyle overhaul.

Justin and your team of fellow TBTers are there every step of the way to help and support you.

As a result of this plan I now look the best I have ever looked. I am so proud of my abs that I want to share my transformation for you.

I am not one for showing off but this is a bucket list achievement for me and it is down to hard work, commitment, and total trusts in Justin.

TBT is not elitist, it's really is for everyone. There are beginner, intermediate and advanced fitness plans set by Justin. He is there every step of the way to help and advise and custom the plan to your personal goals.

Through participating in this program I have gained lifelong knowledge and achieved a life long goal and I will carry these nutritional adaptations forward for a lifetime.

Marie Collis
Marie Collis Lutterworth UK

Since the age of 16 I have tried every diet on the market, I would repeat the cycle of losing weight and then gaining it again and sometimes more.

I’ve always been very physically active but would blame myself for failing time after time on every eating plan I attempted. The final straw came for me when I was 37. 21 years of wasted effort, 21 years of self loathing and low confidence. 21 years is a long time, if I had only put that wasted effort into something rewarding I could have been a Doctor, Lawyer or University Professor by now.

In the words of Cher “If I could turn back time” I wish I knew then what I know now! When I discovered TBT90 I decided to keep it quiet from my friends and family, I did not want people to know I was starting another diet plan, I wanted to come back fighting proving I could do it once and for all. I soon discovered the TBT90 hub is extremely user friendly, the creator Justin is a fountain of knowledge and the support group is the doorway to a new set of like minded friends.

TBT90 has not only helped me drop two dress sizes, it’s given me my sparkle back which had become dull over the years. I have found new enthusiasm for cooking and even have the whole family involved, my partner has even lost weight eating the many wonderful recipes from the plan.

TBT90 has empowered me. I now have the knowledge and confidence to make the right food choices and supplement my body with the right nutrients. But most of all TBT90 has taught me the science behind food, patience, understanding and to put a high focus on rest and relaxation.

The combination is a winning formula and that is something NO other “diet” plan can compete with.

Natasha James
Natasha James Camberley, Surrey UK

My name’s Tony and I used to be a food-aholic.

Now that slight confession is out of the way I wanted to express my deep gratitude for what TBT90 has enabled me to do and show me the light in terms of living and enjoying a balanced healthy lifestyle.

Since a young age I’ve always battled with my weight partially due to being brought up in a family run business where work was always a priority to make ends meet and this often left little to no time to eat healthily with the quick fixes always preferred on the menu.

Moving on from that I guess I was “programmed” to just eat whatever was readily available and required the least amount of effort to get on a plate! So the net result was inevitably being overweight and generally feeling lethargic and not functioning on all cylinders.

Fast forward to the start of 2014 I reached the heaviest I’d ever been in my life on the scales and desperate to make changes to that so I embarked on my own mission of trying to eat healthily which yielded some positive results however I reached a plateau pretty quickly where the weight stabilised and started to creep back up again.

This was until I discovered the TBT90 programme. In the period of 9 months I managed to shed 16lbs and was still classed as obese for my BMI, I am now in my final week of TBT90 and in the 3 months of the programme have actually lost a further 32lbs!
This has been achieved through discipline however there is absolutely no way on god’s green earth I could have achieved that without the expert assistance and teachings that you gain from undertaking the TBT90 course with Justin and his team.

Not only am I at a weight where I no longer look and feel “fat” but I feel amazing within myself too! I now look at photos of the “old” me and wonder how/why I ever let myself get like that, for one reason or another our society is full of propaganda about food and health but being armed with the information and teachings of TBT90 really inspires you and gives you the confidence to make the right choices but most importantly achieving the right results that are sustainable for the long term.

I have not counted 1 single calorie doing the TBT90 course nor have I been on some crazy celebrity endorsed faddy diet or supplements, it has all been achieved eating what nature has provided us and learning more about the nutritional effects the food we eat has on our bodies maximising the potential locked within us all!

Daily I now receive positive comments on how I look, many also say younger! I have to admit to being quite embarrassed about it all at times as I’ve never been subject to such positive remarks on my appearance before. I’ve had to go out and buy a lot of new clothes as a result and am fitting into sizes that I once thought were never going to be within my reach. Such a great feeling!

TBT90 is definitely a life changer providing you have a will to succeed and have the motivation to change, TBT90 will arm you with all the necessary information and guidance you need but like all things, you get out what you put in.

Without TBT90 I would most definitely still be stuck in “Food and body hell” but I’m glad to say those days are gone and to Justin Lord I am, and will continue to be eternally grateful for how he’s helped me change my life.

Tony Meek
Tony Meek Bracknell, Berkshire UK

For as long as I can remember I have always been on some kind of health kick or diet regime, often starting on a Monday and ending on a Wednesday.

Don't get me wrong, I've always been a regular at the gym, but at the same time always enjoyed the many pleasures on offer.

I started with Weight watchers, where I could eat as much chocolate and crips as my body desired, providing I didn't exceed my point allowance and dragged my sorry existence through some moderate activity. I soon got bored of calculating points and moved across to the Atkins, where I could live like a cave women, foraging on cheap cuts of meat and limited vegetables. I abandoned a life of fried breakfasts and stepped out of my cave to follow the Master of Juice, MrJason Vale. I followed him into battle and surcombe to reducing all things colourful into a liquid. I found I didn't have the energy to sustain that journey so joined my comrade in the queue of 'salad swevers' at Slimming World. I handed over my weekly subscriptions and was encouraged to continue with homemade quiche and pasta, albeit wholemeal. After a while I saw a little bit of movement on the scales, but the belly podge was still evident and the comfort food left me favouring a relationship with my duvet and a life of early hibernation.

And then along came TBT 90 and all I can say is WOW! As I write this (10 weeks on) my colleagues are benefiting from an all expenses paid breakfast, whilst I sip on a homemade ice cool juice. So, what has changed, why do I no longer desire the same pleasures?? Quite frankly the list is endless and I can't imagine ever going back to my life before. Knowledge is the BOMB and I'm staying on this amazing life journey

Victoria James
Victoria James Aldershot, Surrey UK

I contacted Justin in early August seeking help regarding my diet and exercise. I knew he’d confirm that it is impossible to out-exercise a bad diet, a fact that was increasingly visible to me, especially after taking initial weekly photographs.

I had become adept at hiding my thickening waist under floaty tops and stretchy comfortable clothing. I was shocked by the reality of my shape, something that the pictures made me confront. From the outset I have been impressed with the structure of the programme.

Insisting that I take weekly photographs and measurements to record my progress both shocked and inspired me; it was a strategy I hadn’t used before. I did become accountable for my own achievements. The level of information and education offered is at a far higher level than I had previously experienced; I sometimes found this overwhelming.

I appreciated the introduction of weekly action points; I’m still working my way through some of the information offered. Justin has been hugely supportive throughout. All my TBT90 questions have been answered with extra help regarding health problems specific to me. I have had a great deal of 1-1 support.

At 45 years old I have taken control of my diet for the first time. The initial process is daunting, the four-day detox was hard but the results were instant. By the end of the third week I had dropped a dress size and the weekly photographs were no longer so hard to look at. I am eating more food than I have ever allowed myself, the recipes are fabulous and I try not to feel disappointed if I slip up.

My skin is glowing, energy levels are high and I do less exercise than ever whilst maintaining good fitness levels. Reading the above, the cynic in me thinks this is all too good to be true.

The support group was invaluable. Being part of a group of people who were doing the same things as me at the same time inspired me to keep going and made me feel better when things seemed impossible.

I was worried about it being 12 weeks long; it seemed an impossible amount of time ‘to be good’. The length of the programme is genius; I no longer think I’m being good; this is now how I live.

A 12-week commitment means it isn’t a quick fix, it guarantees that new habits have been formed for life.

Jo Roberts
Jo Roberts Wargrave, Berkshire

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